How To Make A Natural Sleep Spray

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average adult gets less than seven hours of sleep per night. Now, that may sound like enough to some of you, but the fact is, if you want to be healthy or stay healthy you need to get enough sleep!

So now that you realize that you are seriously lacking in the sleep department, what do you do? First, you should be using Be Calm or Lavender Infusion Magnesium/ MSM Spritz, either one of these products sold at ( will relax your muscles, lower your cortisol and boost your melatonin, getting you ready for a good nights sleep. The second thing you should do to ensure a great nights sleep is use this natural sleep spray in your bedroom, it can be used on the sheets, blankets, even your pillow can be lightly sprayed.

Natural Sleep Spray

1. 8 ounce empty spray bottle

2. 1 cup of distilled water

3. 1 Tablespoon of witch hazel or vodka

4. 15-20 drops of lavender essential oil

Add witch hazel to empty spray bottle, add in lavender essential oil, swirl it around to mix, next add 1 cup of distilled water. shake to mix. Spray bedroom and linens and hour before bedtime.

You can also try these other essential oils to promote healthy sleep.

  • Lavender-calming, works as an anti depressant, fights headaches

  • Clary Sage-Relieves stress, helps balance hormones, fights insomnia

  • Bergamot-Helps to relieve anxiety & balance emotions

  • Roman Chamomile-Calms your stomach & nerves-especially effective in children

  • Frankincense-Promotes calmness, relaxation & deep breathing for staying healthy.

Give it a try, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much better you and your whole family sleeps!

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