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Only those that live with ongoing or reoccurring pain can appreciate just how damaging to the enjoyment of life it is, pain changes everything and as such most people will do almost anything to relieve their pain.

The Pharmaceutical companies are quick to capitalize on this market worth tens of billions of dollars a year. Even those that are aware of all the nasty side effects of these drugs, when in pain may quickly drop their usual objections and scramble for the bottle of pills, worrying about side effects later. It’s understandable to all that have known pain, but does it have to be this way?

Many are under the belief that natural products for pain are fine if it’s a mild pain but when it gets serious they just don’t cut it.

So for many when they hear of a young woman with terminal cancer in a hospice with mets everywhere and in too much pain to walk without a walker, even with all the drugs they give her, it comes as a surprise to learn she found a product that was all natural that was so powerful in just a day she was able to walk again unaided. She says it has given her new hope and given what it did for her that is no surprise. She now is also free from the side effects she was suffering on pharmaceutical pain meds.

Another woman with crushed discs in her spine certainly knows a bit about pain and reports on the amazing pain relief she gets from this simple herbal cream. For some types of pain the relief can be in minutes, some long term pain has disappeared for good after a number of applications, something you don’t hear from the pharmaceutical drugs.

Most likely you’re wondering what is it that holds such power? The answer is a very clever combination of herbs and oils known for their pain killing properties but in the right combination and prepared by hand seems to magnify the power of each of the individual herbs to get results that many have never experienced with anything else.

The product I’m talking about is a blend of more than 8 herbs combined called “Pain Be Gone” from

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The first herb is Comfrey root and leaf well known for its pain relieving properties and even studied by the big Pharma. One such study for example, funded by the drug company Merck and published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, showed that people with acute back pain who used an ointment containing comfrey root extract had significant reductions in pain as much as 95% reduction in pain..…/20090521/comfrey-root-eases-back-pain

Next we have Plantain leaf, known to help clear heat and inflammation from the body as well as aches and pains. Native American Indians would use plantain to soothe weary feet. Its also used for bug bites and stings.…/wherbal-medicine…/ild-and-

Arnica is a favourite for pain many professional athletes uses arnica for painful sore muscles. Even some well known surgeons use it for pain following surgery, it’s also used by those in the know for the more every day cuts bumps and bruises.

Pau D’Arco One of the most powerful and revered herbs from Brazil and has been used for thousands of years. Dr Walter Accorsi discovered it’s wonders when first he noted its ability to stop the pain associated with some cancers. Dr. Orlando Dei Santi began using it to treat cancer and saw complete remission sometimes in as little as 4 weeks. He also noted its ability to stop pain rapidly.

Yarrow Flower is another herb that has been used for thousands of years most commonly today it’s used for the relief of menstrual cramps; it aids to reduce the cramping and spasms of muscles. It also reduces inflammation which directly affects pain levels.

These Herbs form the base of this pain relief cream although there is a secret proprietary blend of herbs in addition to these, all designed to work in synergy to get a far greater result than can be achieved using any of these herbs individually. It’s all topped off with the wonderful scent and powerful pain and healing properties of a therapeutic grade rosemary essential oil.

So if you’re looking for a way of dealing with pain that avoids the toxic chemicals of drugs but packs a punch rarely if ever seen with natural methods then this is an opportunity you really don’t want to miss and since it’s all hand made by a small home business stocks are limited.

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Ethan Leeds

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