Cleansing Your Face With Oil.

This is the only way I cleanse my face using virgin coconut oil or Beautiful, my face and body butter.

Beautiful 2015-5-18-11:39:27

Start off with applying Beautiful to your face lightly and massage it in using upward strokes. Take a washcloth and thoroughly wet it in as hot as you can stand it hot water, squeeze out the excess water and open up the cloth and lay flat on your face. Breathe in the vapors of the therapeutic lavender essentail oil for relaxation. Allow the warm moist cloth to lay on your face for about 30 seconds.

Wet the washcloth in hot water again, squeeze out excess water and lay it on your face again, you can do this as many times as you like! Finally when you are finished, gently pat your face dry and apply a thin layer of Beautiful to your face and neck. Now stand back and admire the dewy texture of your skin!

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