Swift Naturals Swedish Bitters is a herbal blend of 22 different herbs, originally formulated by Maria Treben this herbal extract can be taken for the normalization of digestiive tract, helps to cleanse liver and blood and some say it was effective as a treatment for Candida. Can be helpful in the treatment of allergies, skin conditions and some hemorrhoids. Swedish Bitters has also been used as a mild laxative tonic.  There are also reviews, testimonies and recommendations that this specific tinctures of herbs can clean the body of toxins. One of the main functions of the Swedish Bitters is to promote secretion of pancreatic and gastric juices and soothe the digestive tract. Swedish Bitters stimulates liver functions and promotes secretion of bile from the liver that serves to emulsify or break down dietary fat and clear cholesterol out of our body. Having a healthy liver will enhance the overall digestion process and prevent bloating and flatulence and ensures a smooth nutrient absorption.

10 Reason To Use Swedish Bitters

Soothe gas and bloating

Promote digestive enzyme production, as well as bile and HCL*

Settle heartburn discomfort

Calm nausea and upset tummy

Increase absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K

Support liver function and healthy skin

Regulate bowel movements and ease constipation

Relieve sugar cravings

Balance appetite

Stabilize blood sugar levels

*HCL = Hydrochloric acid is naturally occurring gastric stomach acid which promotes digestion.

How does the bitter taste ‘work’ in our body?When the tongue detects bitterness, it increases salivary secretions, which causes a cascade of digestive secretions from HCL to bile to pancreatic enzymes; and, as a result, promotes digestion. Increased bile production stimulates ‘elimination’. Bile is actually our ‘built in’ resident laxative! When our “plumbing is humming”, many of our body’s systems work better. All is connected!


To Use: 1 teaspoon taken before a meal to maintain good health, for chronic conditions it can be taken up to 3 times a day, if diahrrea develops reduce dosage to once a day.


Ingredients: 1) Angelica archangelica 2) Aloe 3) Lycopodium clavatum 4) Pimpinella anisum 5) Carlina acaulis 6) Veronica officinalis 7) Althea 8) Gentiana lutea 9) Acorus calamus 10) Cinnamomum camphora 11) Rock candy 12) Viscum album 13) Myrrh 14) Juglandaceae 15) Rheum palmatum 16) Safflower 17) Senna 18) Ginkgo 19) Theriaca 20) Potentilla erecta 21) Artemisia absinthium 22) Curcuma zedoaria 4 fl ounces.

Swedish Bitters


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