Pure 99.9% pharmaceutical grade DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide)

 What is DMSO? Put simply, DMSO is the real answer to treating pain, inflammation and more…naturally.What if there was a simple solution to the daily misery of pain – that was affordable, easy to use and had no detrimental side effects. Sounds like another snake oil right? And yet you couldn’t be more wrong, it really is as miraculous as people claim – I’ve tested it out – and seen the results first hand. It works. Which is why I’ve made DMSO top of my list as a natural alternative to NSAIDs, painkillers and more.

Does DMSO really work?

When it comes to natural health protocols I have one simple question…..does it work? (Like, does it really help people get well without doing any harm)...And I have to say, I’ve used DMSO on myself, family, friends and pets  – and the answer is an astonishing YES.  Why haven’t I heard of DMSO? Same old story I’m afraid – profits before health. DMSO has a mighty range of clinical uses but it can’t be patented (owned and sold for profit), this is why you probably haven’t heard of DMSO 

Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), is an organic sulphur compound. It contains a high concentration of naturally occurring, bioavailable organic sulphur – this means that it contains sulphur molecules that your body can easily use – at a cellular level. Organic sulphur is a crucial way to deliver sulphur to our cells, which in turn, delivers some stunning health benefits. When combined with an effective all natural herbal salve, such as Pain Be Gone DEEP, the combination is a powerhouse of pain relief! 

What Health Conditions can DMSO (Organic Sulphur) Be Used For?  Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint inflammation, any chronic pain, bursitis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, musculoskeletal pain, plantar fascitis, muscle cramps, leg cramps, migraine headaches, scleroderma, scar tissue,  eye inflammation,  premenstrual syndrome (PMS), poor circulation, autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and just about any other ailment you can name.There are Two MAJOR BENEFITS of DMSO that I want to highlight:1. It’s a Cellular warrior: helping us to Detox and Re-Nourish at a cellular level. our body (cells). DMSO does both.There is no other mineral or nutrient that works as well for protecting, building and restoring health…..because of its capacity to detox and repair…..all in one. abolishes the temple of disease by detoxifying cells (including heavy metals and waste 

How To Use DMSO, Organic Sulfur

Method: Prepare the skin. The skin site, as well as the applying hand, should be cleaned before application.Use 1 or 2 ‘sprays’ to clean skin, immediately apply a small amount of Pain Be Gone DEEP (focusing on and around any injury or over a problem area).FrequencyUse once daily (after you shower is practical) – or use it as often as gives relief.DMSO can be sprayed onto the skin then immediately apply the Pain Be Gone DEEP, and lightly massaged into skin.

Tips1) Prevention: Immediately use DMSO if you experience the onset of any ‘acute’ symptoms, such as headaches, colds or stomach ache etc by rubbing DMSO over the area, followed immediately with Pain Be Gone DEEP 2) Be Chemical free: only use natural hair and skin products: DMSO will penetrate the skin, the blood-brain barrier, and other parts of the body very fast. It’s properties allow contaminants to be absorbed through the skin and transported into the bloodstream. For this reason – do not apply anything that is not natural to the skin, including shampoo, gels, creams or lotions….not that you’d want to anyway.

Contra-indications: DMSO is a carrier and it opens cell membranes. In short – it will enhance the performance of any Pain Be Gon DEEP or natural therapeutics.   It may be especially important to monitor blood sugar levels, liver/kidney function or hormone levels (e.g thyroxin) more frequently if you have any pre-known conditions. People taking blood thinners should not use DMSO. Allergic reactions are rare. Introduce DMSO with a skin test on a small portion of skin to make sure it’s safe for you to use. DMSO may also causes a garlic-like taste in the mouth – this is quickly remedied by brushing your teeth after use. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your health care professional before using products based on this content. When DMSO is applied to skin, it will make the skin warm to the touch, irritation could result if you do not immediately apply Pain Be Gone DEEP. Depending on the pain itself will determine how often you should reapply the DMSO and the Pain Be Gone DEEP, a headache or migraine, spray the DMSO on the back of the neck and apply the DEEP, one application should be enough and the pain relief will last for several hours to days, for chronic pain, allow the DMSO and Pain Be Gone DEEP to fully absorb into the skin before reapplying, in most cases chronic pain relief will last for at least 5 hours or more. Apply as often as needed for pain. 2ounce spray bottle


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